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Fishing Licenses

DFO is now requiring all Recreational Sport Fishing Licenses be obtained by the angler through their website. To secure your Tidal Water Sport Fishing License and Pacific Salmon Stamp click the link below:

Important things to know when filling out the form:

(1) When selecting a start date for the license, use the second day of your trip.
Example: If your trip date is July 1- July 4, your license start date would be July 2 – July 4

(2) Rivers Lodge is not located within the “restricted areas”

(3) You need to include the Pacific Salmon Stamp on your license

(4) You do not need to purchase Halibut allocation

(5) Print and keep your license with you at all times while on the water

(6) If you have questions, contact us.

Get Your License

RIVERS LODGE, Sleepy Bay (near Dawsons Landing), Rivers Inlet, BC, Canada, V0N 1M0

Mailing Address: 715 W 66th ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6P 2R4

778-762-4391 (in season) | 604-321-5560 (Vancouver)